Cathee (White) St. Clair

Film maker of the epic Monte Capanno film, diarist supreme, and analyst of the the meaning of the 1960s and 1970s, few have contributed more of their energy to the Monte Capanno 1970 website and project than Cathee.  Cathee and husband Greig hosted the 2002 and 2003 Monte Capanno 1970 reunions, near Lake Tahoe, CA.  During the holiday season of 2002, Cathee's famous "egg art" was displayed at the White House on the official Christmas Tree as part of the national celebration.  Here are some pictures of Cathee:

Cathee shows one of her painted eggs, July 2001

closeup on Cathee's art

Cathee at the Monte Capanno Reunion, July 2001

Cathee clowning it up on her 50th birthday

Cathee and her dog, 2000

A thoughtful Cathee today

Sandee, Greig and Cathee and ? at their wedding, 1978

Cathee and Greig, on their honeymoon (1978)

Cathee's Greig today

Cathee and Greig, in the late 1970s

Additional pictures of Cathee at the July 2001 Monte Capanno 1970 Reunion can be found here.  The 2002 and 2003 reunions also are linked.

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