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Italy: To view the Castle of Monte Capanno today, go here to visit an Italian tourism site about it.  For those of you whose Italian is slipping, Google can translate it a bit oddly for you, or you can rely on Cathee's translation of that website, reproduced here:

An Unknown girl dances at a San Jose Love-In (photo from Kris Kagan)
Monte Capanno 1970 was an outgrowth of a vibrant youth culture in the San Francisco Bay Area - San Jose Area.  While the next set of links is not specifically about the experiment at Monte Capanno 1970, these links capture some of the spirit of the Bay Area of California circa 1970, illustrating parts of the subculture from which the experiment at Monte Capanno, Italy developed.
More unknown people dance at a San Jose area Love-In (photo from Kris Kagan)

Much that was creative at Monte Capanno 1970 focused on the Arts.  The next set of links (below) provide exhibitions of works of art that either display works by the residents of Monte Capanno 1970, or display works of art by artists whose work also grew out of the artistic subculture that nourished the experiment:

Monte Capanno 1970 also was influenced by the approach to life and writings of William Blake. Prof. David Zack especially was fascinated with the poetry and art of the Romantic thinker William Blake; many a dialogue at Monte Capanno addressed the writings, philosophy, and other concerns of this 18th and 19th century English thinker.  Indeed, Blake's paean to hedonism, "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" (from his Proverbs of Hell), prominently has been remembered to have been on the wall of the kitchen of the main farmhouse used by the student residents of Monte Capanno.  The links below address these artistic and literary concerns which were engaged by the residents of Monte Capanno 1970:
Sites addressing the works of William Blake (provided by Sandee Stoltz):
Patrick Mooney's site on Blake's relevance to the modern world
Richard Record's site, which presents substantial excerpts from Blake's works

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