Maija (Zack) Peeples sends her greetings to MC-70

Sept. 25 2003: "Greetings Gordon Bowen! Thank you for sending the reunion picture. Lots has happened since our last communication. I got married again to a great guy, Billy D. Bright whom I (and my late husband Earl Peeples) have known for 30 years. Am sending our wedding picture from Dec. 9, 2000. Also sending photos of this summer's art comission I made of fiberglass for the "Pride of Sacramento Group" entitled "Sun of a lion over beast Sacramento".  My new home address is: 114 Northlite Circle, Sacramento, CA 95831 and the Website is now  (not much has yet been changed other than site-but soon). Hope all is great with you and yours. Keep in touch, Maija"

Maija and husband Billy D. Bright at their December 2000 wedding

above and below: Maija's sculpture "Sun of a lion over beast Sacramento." 

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