Memories of Monte Capanno 1970, Page Eleven: Assessing the Meaning of it All

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When Assessing the Meaning of it all, does anyone have overall insights to convey?
Horoscope by Joel Agee, via Marti

"Joel did my horoscope... I wonder if it came true?" (by Marti, Oct. 2000)

"That was an important time in my life.  I seem to hang my hat on a lot of those experiences, giving them more weight and drama than the truth warrants.  It would be nice to discover what 'really happened' through our collective memories (as if that were at all possible)." (by Cathee, Oct. 2000)

"[At Monte Capanno I] lived in a fantasy world." ( by an anonymous resident)

"Being an American abroad during the Vietnam War period forced you to deal with a lot of anti-Americanism expressed by Europeans.  I am not sure if it was a result of having lived communally at Monte Capanno, or was the effect of living on the road in Europe afterwords, but when I returned to America I was much more certain that, for better or worse, I was an American.  I concluded that if I did not like what others thought of us, it was up to me, and up to all of us who felt this way, to try to work together to change our country.  I also had concluded that living in America in a less communal, more traditional setting was for me." (by Gordon, Oct. 2000)

"You know, as we go farther down this path of life, it seems that we can look back with a different view.  I  am so amused by our memories both good and 'bad'.  Mostly I see all of it as good as we have become what we are today - better people.  I somehow believe that we all were destined to go to Perugia all together with our own version of "John Lennon and Yoko Ono" or otherwise known as David Zack and Maija Peeples.  This is my view of our professor and his creative wife."  (by Sandee, Nov. 2000)

"Maybe if I continue to piece together these fragments, the puzzle of Monte Capanno will be solved.  It was such a fucking experience.  So many of us changed - some radically.  The more I think about it, the less I know about [what] really happened.  Nothing stayed the same for more than two days at a time, and the roles some of us played in the beginning seem to have completely reversed." (from Cathee's diary, May 19, 1970, to read more please go here)

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