Memories of Monte Capanno 1970: Remembering the Zacks

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"The harm is in making susceptible young people think that to be rude and stupid is the only way to lead a successful life"

David Zack, "Chapter 11: The Wonderful Immortality Center of Oz," The BOOKlet of Oz, ed. Vittore Baroni (Near the Edge Editions, 2003): p. 24.
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The Zacks:  David and Maija Zack were central figures in the experiment at Monte Capanno, and their contributions are discussed throughout the website.  On other parts of Monte Capanno 1970 you will find David's approach to education to be analyzed; his conceptions of how to govern an anarchic community to be expressed; entries from his 1970 diary are available to be read; a prophetic poem from 1968 is provided; and some enticing insights into their later lives appear on the "Where are they Now?" page here at Monte Capanno 1970.  His contribution to the experiment warrants reflection and comment.  Write in and tell us what do you recall about David and his artistic wife, Maija?  (And do any of the rest of us have pieces of art that Maija created like this one she gave to Mark Fissel?)

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