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Views of the Farm houses in which we lived

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Haystacks, Virgilio and Pierina's Farmhouse, and the Castle in the distance
photo by Linda (Green) Bowen

The Farmhouse where we ate, and where most of us lived
photo by Linda (Green) Bowen

  Farmhouse (at left) in winter
photo provided by Mark Fissel

photo by Kathy Roberts

Mark Fissel next to Haystacks
photo provided by Mark

The approach to the main farmhouse
photo by Gordon Bowen

 The Farmhouse and its "sleeping annex"
photo by Kathy Roberts

The steps leading to the door to the Farmhouse's main section
photo by Wes Shaffer

The man gives perspective on the size of the Farmhouse
photo by Wes Shaffer

Another shot of the haystacks
photo by Wes Shaffer

The Farmhouse entrance
photo from Marti Kramer

Sleeping annex, rear view with garden (?) in foreground
photo from Marti Kramer

Pierina and Virgilio's home
photo by Mark Fissel

Hearth and Mantle of the large farmhouse:
"beastie" painting by Maija (Zack) Peeples... and including Terry MacDonald and Mark Fissel
photo provided by Mark Fissel

A Shed adjacent to one of the Farmhouses
photo by Cathee (White) St. Clair



Does ANYONE have a Group Photo of all of us?  Does anyone have any considered comments about why no group photos seem to exist?

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