Translation of a contemporary website about montecapanno today

by Cathee (White) St. Clair

"In the late middle ages, the Barzi counts built the stronghold of Montecapanno, choosing a 'twice-favorable' position, because it was protected from some 'limited perils,' but above all because it was located in the center of a fertile and favorably 'displayed' [situated] territory.  Montecapanno later became the  'center of gravity' [hub] of the feudal property of the Alfani-Ansidei family, from 1500 to today.  The current appearance of the little castle presents stylistic characteristics of medireview manners, derived from the 19th century intervention of [riadattamento-?].  Interestingly, the chapel is dedicated to San Rocco, with the alter set up with archeological remnants of the flesh [mortal remains], probably originating from neighboring Etruscan regions, and a 16th century fresco representing the Madonna and Child, attributed to Orazio Alfani."

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